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Pudding Research

For Financial Forensic Analysis – Pudding Research, the essential tool for exploring and analyzing Ethereum ERC-20 ecosystems. Connect the dots, follow the money, and uncover the hidden stories that lie within.

At the heart of Pudding Research is a visual representation of the most recent transactions of a specific ERC20 token between addresses on the Ethereum Blockchain. You’ll be able to see exactly who sent how much tokens to whom, and the relative size and color of each circle corresponds to its authority and Louvain community.

Explore the hairball using zooming, panning, and selection features that allow you to dive deep and uncover the hidden stories and patterns within. Use filters to narrow down transactions by strength of relationship, value of transaction, or both, and uncover potential fraud and ring-trading networks.

Overall, Pudding Research is a must-have tool for anyone looking to gain deeper insight into Ethereum ERC-20 ecosystems. Whether you’re a professional trader, researcher, or just curious about the world of cryptocurrency, Pudding Research is the perfect tool to help you uncover the stories behind the numbers. Get it today and take your Ethereum analysis to the next level!

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In the last few years, I've enabled innovative teams at Volkswagen, Merck, Fidelity, Penske, Hertz, Johnson & Johnson and ECM acquire the hard and soft skills they need to truly design, build and sell software services, fast.

I'm a pragmatic full-stack software developer with a customer-first mindset. Also, I bring 20 years of hands-on experience as technical co-founder to the table. Through the years, I have worked with dozens of tech-stacks, software development methods and customer segments.

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