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Unblah, the friendly meeting buddy

For those (like myself) who talk too much, or too little, when they get nervous in meetings


  • Improve communication skills and reduce nerves during meetings
  • Stay on track and focused during virtual meetings
  • Participate more effectively and achieve personal goals
  • Take control over meetings and increase productivity

Features Based on User Feedback

Unblah features were built around insights gained during user experiments, which cater to the user’s real-life meeting experiences.

The questions revolve around features such as boosting participation during meetings, data privacy, and local audio processing. A

Additionally, it highlights the practical usage of Unblah, such as setting realistic communication goals, leading by example in communication hygiene, and having difficult conversations.

1. Help users talk more during meetings.

Unblah is an app that helps users track their speaking time during meetings and identify opportunities to speak up. It helps users set realistic goals for participation and encourages users to improve their communication skills.

2. Do not record or store user audio.

The app only operates on live audio streams coming directly from a user’s microphone and discards audio-bytes every few milliseconds. This also ensures that user privacy and security is maintained.

3. Classify sound locally without sending audio to the cloud.

Unblah does not need an Internet connection as the sound classification is done locally within the app itself. This also means that the app does not send user audio to the cloud for any analysis, ensuring privacy and security.

4. Don’t try to understand or judge user speech.

Unblah is designed to identify whether someone is talking or not based on speech classification probabilities. It does not have the ability to understand or analyze what users are saying.

4. Don’t require to sign-up before using.

There’s no sign-up required to use Unblah, and users can use it straight out of the box. This makes it easy to start using Unblah without having to go through any sign-up or registration process before accessing its features.

5. Provide all features free and without in-app purchases.

Unblah is a completely free app with all available features being free of charge without any in-app purchases. This ensures that users can access all the app features without having to pay for them.

6. Collects no tracking or analytics data from users.

Unblah does not track or collect any data on users within the app, ensuring user privacy and anonymity. This means that users can use Unblah without having to worry about their data being collected or tracked in any way.

7. Use in Swift and Objective-C.

Unblah is designed and engineered using Swift and Objective-C programming languages. These are widely used programming languages that help ensure the app is robust, efficient, and reliable.

8. Keep it focused to solve a communication problem.

Unblah is a personal project designed to solve a real-life communication problem. The app is not commercially driven but is rather intended to help users with their communication skills in both personal and professional settings. Unblah encourages conversations about communication experiences and how to improve them.


  • Keeps track of speaking time and helps to balance participation
  • Gentle, visible “red-green traffic-light” live notification to gauge airtime
  • Works with a multitude of platforms including Zoom, Teams, WebEx, and Hangouts
  • Choose your personal goal - talk less or talk more - and let it guide you
  • Hands-free, speech-triggered countdown timer helps keep goals on track
  • Live timeline for in-meeting adjustments
  • Tracks airtime to encourage better timing and participation
  • Self-contained and works offline to take it on-the-go
  • Easy-to-use native macOS application
  • Comes with setup and installation guides
  • “Get Comfortable” guide with tips and tricks for maximum productivity

Technologies Used

Unblah is built using a variety of technologies to deliver a streamlined and efficient meeting experience:

  • Swift: Unblah is built with 100% Swift for optimized performance and streamlined development.
  • SwiftUI: Unblah leverages SwiftUI to provide a modern and intuitive user interface.
  • Cocoa: Cocoa provides a foundation for macOS app development, which Unblah harnesses for core functionality and user experience.
  • CoreML: CoreML is an Apple machine learning framework used in Unblah for speech recognition and natural language processing capabilities.
  • Custom sound processing: Unblah implements custom sound processing tools to provide its “red-green traffic-light” live notification.
  • Github: Github provides a centralized repository and version control system for Unblah’s development.
  • Continuous Integration: Continuous Integration is implemented to ensure timely and efficient build, test, and release management.

Unblah is an essential tool for anyone struggling with nervousness in meetings or looking to improve their communication skills. Its easy-to-use interface, combined with the latest technologies, makes it the perfect choice for achieving better participation and productivity during any meeting. So go ahead and take control of your meetings by getting Unblah today!

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