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JamGPT – Unlock the Power of ChatGPT on macOS

JamGPT gives you immediate access to ChatGPT with the speed and ease of macOS. Make ChatGPT come to you, whereever you are, right now with a simple, easy and global keyboard shortcut.


  • Improve your writing skills with powerful AI-powered writing tools
  • Save time and hassle with efficient user experience
  • Streamline your writing workflow with global keyboard shortcut
  • Unlock the power of natural language processing with ease
  • Flexible subscription options to cater to your unique needs


  • Easy access through a simple, global keyboard shortcut
  • Built with 100% Swift for streamlined performance
  • Built-in fallback mechanism for uninterrupted access to ChatGPT API
  • Multiple refactorings for reduced complexity
  • Automated build, test, and release management
  • Delightful user experience fine-tuned through feedback
  • Graceful API error handling to prevent data loss
  • “Batteries-Included” Trial version

Why Choose JamGPT?

  • Easy to use and access the latest natural language processing capabilities
  • Efficient and streamlined experience for busy professionals
  • Automated build, test, and release management for hassle-free experience
  • Combined with the latest ChatGPT API, JamGPT unlocks the power of natural language processing
  • Backed by real feedback and fine-tuned for a delightful user experience

Technologies Used

JamGPT is built using a variety of technologies to deliver a seamless and powerful experience for macOS users:

  • Swift: JamGPT is built with 100% Swift for optimized performance and streamlined development.
  • SwiftUI: JamGPT leverages SwiftUI to provide a modern and intuitive user interface.
  • Cocoa: Cocoa provides a foundation for macOS app development, which JamGPT harnesses for core functionality and user experience.
  • Alamofire: Alamofire is a Swift-based HTTP networking library that provides JamGPT with powerful networking capabilities.
  • OpenAI ChatGPT API: The OpenAI ChatGPT API is the core technology behind JamGPT’s natural language processing capabilities.
  • Github: Github provides a centralized repository and version control system for JamGPT’s development.
  • Continuous Integration: Continuous Integration is implemented to ensure timely and efficient build, test, and release management.
  • Sparkle Framework: The Sparkle Framework provides an effortless in-app updates experience for JamGPT users.
  • Posthog for event tracking: Posthog is an open-source event tracking platform that allows JamGPT to track user behavior and improve its features over time.

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